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Welcome to Crystal Inner Circle, your ultimate metaphysical educational platform and community! Join us on a magical journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth alongside like-minded individuals. Gain access to exclusive resources, guides, and courses led by experts in the field. Connect with a supportive community that shares your passion for crystals, energy healing, and all things metaphysical. Embrace your inner light and expand your knowledge with Crystal Inner Circle today!

Crystal Education

There are multiple crystal courses available for free as part of your membership. Learn more about crystals and become a real Certified Crystal Master.

Community Support

You are never alone on your crystal journey. Ask questions and get answers from Crystal Masters and other experts. Meet new friends and more.

Insider Deals

Gain Insider Access to Crystal Vaults. You'll have access to crystals before anyone else. You will save 15% off everything sitewide and get free shipping!

Become a Certified Crystal Master

All Crystal Inner Circle members gain free access to the Crystal Academy which contains the courses required to become a Certified Crystal Master. You will earn six certifications with beautiful certificates for each along the way.

You will master EVERY element of using crystals to improve your life and spirit and the lives and spirits of others. You will not only be certified as a true Crystal Master by the prestigious Crystal Guild you will actually know everything about crystals and be absolutely confident in your abilities.

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Your Crystal Community

The Crystal Inner Circle is an exclusive membership community created by the team at Crystal Vaults. It features many active Certified Crystal Masters waiting to guide you and answer questions, specially tailored crystal communities, and so much more! It was built by top metaphysical experts just for you. We are your inside ticket to the world of crystals and beyond.

Be a Part of Something Incredible

Free Crystal Courses

There are 7 crystal courses for you to take and become certified in on your way to becoming a Crystal Master and they're free for all members!

Active Members

You'll find many crystal users, lovers, and experts inside of the Crystal Inner Circle. With almost 500 members, you're sure to find new friends!

Crystal Articles

The Crystal Inner Circle is a massive database of informative crystal articles. Find articles on crystal meditation, feng shui, herbs, and so much more!

Take a Quick Peek Inside

Watch a quick walkthrough of some of the new parts of the Crystal Inner Circle.

Free Gifts for Joining

All new members will receive the Preparing Crystals eBook upon joining. This is the ultimate guide to all aspects of cleaning, cleansing, aligning, awakening, and programming crystals. New members will also receive The 10 Secrets of Crystal Healing, an easy-to-use guide that truly makes Crystal Healing effective.

All new Annual Members will also receive The Complete Basic Crystal Users Course eBook, The Crystal Conjure Cookbook Volume 2, and the Guide to Crystal Quartz.

All new Lifetime Members will also receive all this and even more exclusive guides.


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$12.95 per month
  • Free Two eBooks
  • Flexible Monthly Payments
  • First Dibs with Insider Access
  • Access Magical Mystery Tour
  • Save with Insider Pricing
  • 24/7 Course Access
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$99 per year
  • Free Five eBooks
  • Only $8.25/month (paid annually as $99)
  • First Dibs with Insider Access
  • Access Magical Mystery Tour
  • Save with Insider Pricing
  • 24/7 Course Access


$899 paid once
  • Free Ten eBooks
  • Easy Pay Only Once
  • First Dibs with Insider Access
  • Access Magical Mystery Tour
  • Save with Insider Pricing
  • 24/7 Course Access

What our members are saying...

cindyThe Crystal Inner Circle is liquid gold information as a crystal healer. I can log in every day to see what's going on, what's new with crystals, and even look up recipes and remedies for my clients! This is an invaluable source. Thank you.
Cindy H.

bettyThank you so much. I joined the Crystal Inner Circle which is a wealth of knowledge. I found the staff to be professional and they sincerely assisted me when I needed it. When I comment or send an email I always get a fast response. Truly outstanding service!
Betty C.

brianI joined to get some info about crystal meditation but I ended up drawn into this whole new world! I'm building my first crystal grid for my meditation rituals. I'm glad I found the Crystal Inner Circle! There is no other place with more information.
Brian M.

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